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Entry for August 25, 2007

Here's me up in Northern Minnesota 1/3 of the way through the new Harry Potter book. Seem not only apropos but a bit too self referential. It was a quiet time and a good week. I met Sue Chernak from Ledgerock Pottery, a new pottery in Ely and have been able to share some cone 6 recipies with her.

I have two street fairs coming up, one with the Avenue Shops Sept 15th and 16th (Lake and Oak Park ave in Oak Park) and another at the Oak Park Art District (Harrison Street) Oct. 6th and 7th.

I did take a bunch of pictures of pottery in museums while Ming and I were in China earlier in the summer. Some of the terra cotta figures and some more traditional pots. I will put some of them up in the gallery soon.

I hope to set up  an online store capability so you can order direct.  The only trick is to figure out which pots I still have and where there are so I can mark the right ones. Many have been given to friends, some sold, some I or Ming won't part with.  Some pots are in Unique Freaque (link in links) with pictures there. Some will be in Two Fish soon. They sold all the pots I had given them earlier in the year.

I want this blog to also be a surrogate for a guest book, so if your here and want to wave hello, blog on.



2007-08-26 05:08:21 GMT
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Welcome to the great, wide world of blogging!
You're looking a bit like Gandalf - up in your forest retreat -- studying the ancient books of wisdom -- meditating on the alignment of cosmic forces.

I'm looking forward to your selected pictures from China - and shots of your latest pieces
(even though I usually get to see them fresh out of the kiln)

That bronze-green gloss/flat surface you showed last night was delicious (and it might make a great screen saver )
--Chris Miller
2007-08-31 12:46:15 GMT

I am up to about 86 pics from China mostly pots and should have them up an a day or two. I will wait for the next few batchs to come out of the kiln before setting up the photo shoot. I get to try the new studio lights I got from my father.

2007-08-31 15:41:48 GMT
Aha ! found them !

Some of the Xianmuseum jpg's can only be found as a thumbnail -- and ignorant readers like myself would truly appreciate any available info about where the pots came from.
--Chris Miller
2007-09-01 20:28:47 GMT

The pots came from china. You can read the Chinese on some of the labels. Not reading Chinese myself its hard to tell. The best I can offer is the dates on some of the cards show they were produced in the 1700's. The teapot display was in the Forbidden city in Beijing. I went there on a day by myself so I did not have my Chinese guide (my wife Ming) with me.

The Terra Cotta figures were in Xian (shee an) and were buried with the first Empirer of China, the Yellow Empirer.

The other set of pots is from museum in Xian.

2007-09-04 05:18:13 GMT
Wow, John! Nice work. Your talents and abilities are obviously copious.
2007-12-31 22:01:04 GMT
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